Committed to Ontario's Economic Recovery

Presented by Bruce Power, the Retooling and Economic Recovery Council (RERC) is committed to leveraging the province’s robust nuclear supply chain to continue to assist in Ontario’s fight against COVID-19 and to aid in economic recovery.

Council Priorities

The RERC is intended to operate for the duration of the pandemic and include all of Bruce Power’s Ontario-based suppliers. We will focus on the continued retooling of the supply chain to meet front-line needs to fight COVID-19, and to lay out a plan to contribute to Ontario’s economic recovery in the short, medium and long term. The RERC is committed to helping its members navigate the pandemic by providing access to up-to-date information, support and guidance in three priority areas.


Prevent the spread of disease by providing access to operational experience and best practices used by industry.


Leverage the extensive nuclear supply chain to immediately shift production to support Ontario’s fight against COVID-19.

Economic Recovery

Prepare strategies so Bruce Power’s Made in Ontario Supply Chain can be a key contributor to Ontario’s economic recovery.